What Is A Hoop Building?

Sentry Heavy Duty Hoop Building

Hoop buildings are generally steel framed, polyethylene fabric covered buildings. They’re called by many different names; “hoop houses, barns or shelters”, “canvas buildings” and even “arch buildings”; though “fabric tensioned structures” is probably the most descriptive name. Around here, we just call ’em “hoops”:)

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Hoop shelters come in all sizes and shapes. There are hoop structures from almost the size of outhouses to bigger than football stadiums. Many hoop structures are arch shaped, sort of an upside down “U”. However, some are not. Some have a peaked roof more like a conventional building.

Fabric tension building systems came into being to afford an economical solution to livestock housing and storage. They’ve proved to do that and more for more than a quarter of a century. We’ve been using them on the farm here for more than 10 years and we believe in them.

Hoop systems have proven so cost effective that you will find many government agenciesPro·Tec Single Tube Hay Hoop Barn and educational facilities using them all over the U.S. today. Along with growing agricultural appreciation of hoop barns, industry is finding hoop buildings to have a place in the city as well. There are so many variations in shapes and sizes that you can find a hoop system to meet almost any need you have for an economical structure.

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